Hey Bill, I was able to upload a few photos, but now it won't let me add anymore. I tried creating a new album, several different pics, etc. It goes through the percentages like its uploading, but then gets to 100%, says "uploading" and just stays there forever. Thought you'd wnat to know

30/06/2017 15:40:13

So regarding photo uploads to albums on the site... looks like anything above 1mb wont upload... even though it will upload to a timeline post or forum post.... I'm working on it but that's the issue.

05/07/2017 04:01:37
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Oh I'm in no rush to post more photos anyway lol Thanks for the response, enjoy the long holiday weekend, Bill ;)

01/07/2017 00:17:38

Thanks for the heads up... same issue for me... I can upload a photo on the newsfeed directly but not in an album or when I click on photos to add just one.  I'll get it fixed but it'll probably be after the holiday.

01/07/2017 00:13:30