Please post any website bugs you come across on this thread.

Site Bugs

I will do my best to get things worked out in the next few weeks. 

10/06/2017 07:16:31
I have a lot of difficulty being able to upload photos. Hence why I don't have a profile picture yet
28/06/2017 03:34:12

21/06/2017 19:44:25
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Only thing I've noticed thus far is that settings is misspelled under account settings. It's spelled setings.

10/06/2017 13:36:45

Fixed the missspelling of settings. Thanks!

10/06/2017 13:42:11

When I try to post a status in a group, it ends up being on my timeline instead of on the group page

10/06/2017 17:55:55

I believe it is, Yes Thanks!

21/06/2017 01:10:28

Can you check to see if this is resolved?

20/06/2017 16:09:37
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On Firefox when you go to put what you're feeling it lists it as music instead

17/06/2017 09:22:09

For now I have dsiabled the modal feed option.  The developer has acknowledged the bug and is working to resolve it.  When it gets fixed I will renable it.

20/06/2017 16:11:12

Yeah I'm looking into that one... have you tried it on other browsers... it seems to go to "listening to" no matter what I put in.

17/06/2017 14:25:21
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also on firefox, I'm getting friend requests but when I go to click on it, none of them are there

18/06/2017 05:11:35

For me it just takes a couple seconds and they will appear.  I'm working on speeding up the site though so hopefully that gets fixed too.

18/06/2017 15:42:38

I can't get my old profile backi did what you said still it wont take my name or pw Thank you

19/06/2017 23:33:30

I need to reset your password... email me from the account you have registered with that name

19/06/2017 23:39:14