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Flirty Monday
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Redemption Song | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
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This video from "PFC2: Songs Around the World" is a version of "Redemption Song" performed around the world in honor of Bob Marley's birthday. We have reunit...

Waylon Jennings - You Ask Me To
194 Views - 2017-06-07T07:37:18-04:00 By Admin Bill "The Lost Outlaw Performance"

Body Positive Plus-Size Model Owns Being ‘Fat’
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SUBSCRIBE to the Barcroft network: A plus-side model has become an unlikely internet sensation - by reclaiming the word ‘fat' and proudl...

Video Test
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Video Test

Untitled video
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Rebelution - Nightcrawler
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Rebelution &fmt=18 at end of URL for higher quality.

Real Value | Economics Documentary with Dan Ariely | Sustainability | Social Entrepreneurship
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Documentary | Documentaries | Real Value | Award winning economics documentary about how social entrepreneurs are using business to create value beyond profi...

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Russell Brand OWNS Jeremy Paxman! GO GO RUSSEL!! on Newsnight 2013 Full Interview]
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Never used to like Russel but now i Love this guy !! go go Russell! LOVE AND LIGHT EVERYONE! FROM JOJO IN OZ OXOXOXO "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 ...

Playing For Change Imagine
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John Lenon Song