Well Well....
Posted By : Lexlutha on Mar 15 , 11 05:44 PM

Well I must say that I am VERY new to this whole site and I am still getting used to it...I am al...

Motivation, exercise and SERATONIN!
Posted By : Kiawya65 on Mar 15 , 11 02:21 PM

Exercising ups seratonin levels, so how to I stay motivated? See whats going on at marjorieellen...

Marijuana for medicinal purposes!
Posted By : Kiawya65 on Mar 14 , 11 10:59 AM

Marijuana can totally fix a bi-polar crash and fix your mood. Unfortunately, I live in a state w...

Love to shop? Check this out!
Posted By : BrazilianBabe on Mar 9 , 11 04:22 PM

Hello everyone! I just love to share great things with my friends and my community so here we g...

UGH.. It was just the hormones!
Posted By : Kiawya65 on Mar 8 , 11 07:48 AM

So what do I do about it? Check it out on twitx

The food Bandwagon
Posted By : Kiawya65 on Mar 3 , 11 09:12 PM

Falling Off! Check it out on marjorieellen.blogspot.comsick!x

Deep Game
Posted By : Prophytz on Mar 3 , 11 02:08 PM

Have you ever desired something more than your own life Wanted something so bad that you were wil...

Legalize Marijuana Cure PMS!
Posted By : Kiawya65 on Mar 3 , 11 09:12 AM

Check out my post on the issue! marjorieellen.blogspot.comyesx

Major X-Husband DRAMA
Posted By : Kiawya65 on Mar 2 , 11 08:56 AM

X-husband and new husband Drama! at

Waiting till the moon shines bright
Posted By : Island Princess Gina on Feb 28 , 11 08:51 PM

[B][I][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][SIZE=4]My heart is strong, my love is too [/SIZE][/FON...