Happy New Year !!
Posted By : Michellle918 on Jan 12 , 12 10:30 AM

[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4] Ready to meet that special someone. I feel like this is the perfect t...

My life in 2012!
Posted By : Princess Peaches Of Sin on Jan 10 , 12 06:17 PM

[COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]Yesterday I realized that the positive changes in my life that in workin...

The Right Man ...??? Whats your Opinion
Posted By : Brother Dave on Jan 6 , 12 07:43 PM

*** The Right Man ? A Woman?s Code of Ethics for the man in her life *** First, we must allow our...

Boobs and fish lips
Posted By : Amyfromcincy on Jan 4 , 12 08:19 PM

My God, women! Just because you have big tits doesnt mean they have to be pushed up to your nostr...

A rare but something i lived through wanted people to see
Posted By : MRMRSVADOR on Dec 28 , 11 03:08 PM

[url=]Dissecting Cellulitis of the Scalp[/url]

Merry Christmas !!
Posted By : Michellle918 on Dec 25 , 11 10:36 PM

I am feeling truly blessed ! Spent a great day with friends and family. While my son was in the h...

Epiphany remy distributor
Posted By : CRJ78 on Dec 17 , 11 07:26 PM

Hello Stylists and Distributors, Epiphany Remy hair is looking for individuals to become excl...

so where are all the men lovers of bbw?
Posted By : Sassybutclassy49 on Dec 11 , 11 10:25 AM

so if there are supposed to be men who love bbw out there in ontario or canada where are you all ...

You wanna know why girls take every little detail seriously?:
Posted By : Trecute on Dec 7 , 11 06:04 PM

Because we?re scared that maybe, we?re [B]not good enough[/B]. We see other girls and think maybe...

Is it bad?
Posted By : BlackJABaby on Nov 16 , 11 10:41 PM

Is it bad that I want a male best friend? Strictly platonic. Nothing sexual at all. Would the BF ...