Summer Bash...
Posted By : Bootybabe54 on Jul 26 , 13 04:11 PM

See you there Saturday! Hope to meet lots of new people...Come by and say hello... Leslie

bigger buns
Posted By : Jibberjabber on May 21 , 13 03:39 PM

The slower burning hip fat also makes more of the hormone adiponectin that protects the arteries...

Love, Friendship and Camaraderie in Philippine Celebrations
Posted By : Guzmancruz on May 5 , 13 04:32 AM

The Philippines is known for its friendliness that most of the time its representative in beauty ...

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Posted By : Shivkav on Jan 23 , 13 01:47 AM

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Sometimes Old Becomes New Again
Posted By : Island Princess Gina on Dec 7 , 12 10:20 AM

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]Just as I was thinking Old loves mean the most because of How we cher...

Where is he?
Posted By : Princess Peaches Of Sin on Jun 19 , 12 08:20 PM

Still looking for that special man in my share life! Where the hell is he?!hissyfitx

Read this and had to Share
Posted By : Doesloveexist on May 5 , 12 01:02 PM

Ride or Die...For a different breed of woman Why is this such an unfamiliar concept with people?...

ample people !
Posted By : Foxylady on Apr 6 , 12 11:16 AM

i miss u all so much !wavingx

Posted By : Michellle918 on Jan 20 , 12 06:46 AM

I am leaving this site....Good Luck to you all !!

Eat it right!!! lmfao...
Posted By : ERICA on Jan 13 , 12 03:05 PM

[URL=""]Eat It Right! - YouTube[/URL]